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Medical Typist, Victoria

For the last 36 years, Doctors Secretarial Agency has been at the forefront of non-clinical medical staff recruitment!

Medical Typist Jobs

Doctors Secretarial Agency predominantly works with clinics and hospitals in Melbourne, and one of the major roles we recruit for is that of medical typist.

If you do not consider data entry to be a daunting task and you like working in a medical setting, this job would be perfect for you. Call for more information!

We predominantly work with clinics and hospitals

Medical Typist Kew

Who We Are and Roles We Work On

With more than 3 decades of experience, Doctors Secretarial Agency supplies non-clinical medical staff, such as:

Our commitment to offering excellent customer service is best exemplified through our policy of not accepting payment until a candidate is hired. However, if you would like to withdraw the offer, we request only for a reimbursement of advertising costs.

We are committed to offering excellent customer service

Medical Typist Kew

We Strive To:


Be responsive to every client's requests


Offer unrivalled service


Build trust by being transparent and highly ethical

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